In fifth grade, I started a one-man newspaper operation complete with in-depth articles about school lunches and kickball tournaments, a weekly poll, and a love advice column. I designed the paper on my grandparents’ desktop in Microsoft Word, printed and stapled the pages together then sold them to my classmates for 25 cents.

For two years I made my fifth-grade dreams of a newspaper operation come true as news editor of The West Side Journal, a locally operated newspaper serving the residents of West Baton Rouge Parish. The publisher gave me autonomy of the news section the day I graduated from LSU, and the first item on my agenda was a new website and a social media renovation.

The project fostered my fascination with the power of a strong brand and easy-to-use website. During the time spent away from my desk, I met people in professions ranging from attorneys to sugarcane farmers. Business owners inspired and motivated me the most.

So, I switched gears to advertising and joined the Feigley Communications team to pursue my newfound passion in marketing, client relations and helping local businesses prosper.

I still write but for myself these days. I’ve said goodbye to covering crime and school board meetings. But I still love to learn and help others discover stories, facts and information. Storytelling is my weapon of choice against ignorance.

When I’m not working, I’m usually found scribbling in a journal, doing independent research, running my dog’s Instagram page (#momager) or playing with my nieces and nephew.


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