In fifth grade, I started a one-man newspaper operation complete with in-depth articles about school lunches and kickball tournaments, a weekly poll, and a love advice column. I designed the paper on my grandparents’ desktop in Microsoft Word, printed and stapled the pages together then sold them to my classmates for 25 cents.

Now, I’m making my fifth-grade dreams of a newspaper operation come true as editor of The West Side Journal, a local newspaper serving the residents of West Baton Rouge Parish.

I love to learn, which fuels my passion for newspaper writing. I cover education, business, community features, and news. As a writer whose passion is to inform readers, I hope to develop skills to produce documentaries and books. When I’m not writing and researching for articles, I can be found in the kitchen cooking, trying out a new restaurant or coffee shop, or playing with my nieces and nephew.



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